Sunday, May 12, 2013

my lil' baby part 1

i called science daily report is my lil baby right now..i don't know why, but i so interested for science daily. i just read milky way black hole in this website and my eyes not stopped for looking a bunch of report. lets read this website from science daily ! :D

Wednesday, April 3, 2013


random 1 . I don't know what i feel for this week..i felt bored,tired,and sad.make me want to dissapear from earth..i can't manage myself. maybe,that makes me live my daily saturated..but..start from now, i repair it to make my best way :)andd Allah will always help me from my rue. i believed it :)

random 2 . yah,it's my random picture. i put this picture to my blog,because its very cool one from me hahah  

 photo yerrs_zpsa8fb2175.jpg

random 3 . i heart this quote from mahatma gandhi "be the change that you want to see in the world"
motivation word create spirit to my mind more than before :D

random 4 . DIY beanie animal, SOON!

Friday, March 29, 2013


today is so hot.this afternoon after classes, my friends and i went to hunt birthday card for my friend's niece..we felt tired..well,maybe this afternoon is very hot. and to eliminate the swelter,we stopped at cafe to drink coke..woahh..fresh :D and when in the cafe i got the idea for make a freak photos with my friend HAHA.

 photo wewcopy_zpscfaaa177.jpg

 today..i bought specs for @20k's very quality price,right? hahah well,its rayban "KW" :))

 photo 100_2273copy_zps1c64efa6.jpg

  yeah..model wannabe. agyness "titie" deyn :)))

 photo twins_zpse791a1c0.jpg

Wednesday, March 27, 2013


 photo 1971080b-0f45-41d0-9be4-b445cbc7f5a0_zps2b721538.jpg
 I saw "speakup" sweater in magazine last week. and at the moment, i want to have the sweater.woahh..but unfortunately, I don't have the money at this time. desperately :(( 

and then.."kapow" sweater from TOPSHOP :D. I WANT THIS!!!

  photo karlorangepleatskirtpacmanearringskapowtopshopsweaterphilliplim_zps5898a630.jpg 
                       last saturday,my friends and i..took fun pictures. i use tosca dress and flower shirt.

dress idea,i guess. mehehe

 photo yeah_zpsb98c0195.jpg

anddd....TARA!! that dress i use ...

 photo yasaaya_zps5389572a.jpg

Sunday, November 4, 2012

friendship muslimah

hai,fellas !! it's been too longggg not posting on my blog huuaaaa..and now..i'm here everybadehh..haha..this time, i'll post about relationship with my goodfriends through the photo below..yap,we are so close anyway and respect each other.we eat,laugh,share,pray together andddd here we go ...





Saturday, September 8, 2012

haiiiii,there !

assalamualaikum, namaku titi..hihi aku rajin menabung dan tidak sombong, makanan dan minuman kesukaanku ayam dan coke.. hahah becanda yang tertunda ini namanya :p ini serius yaa ! hai there my name is siti haryati..just called me sits , titi , or whatever you want lah.. yang penting uda tau nama saya aja syukur..saya adalah cewek blasteran batak , jawa , makassar .. indonesian girl kentalllll..pertama kali nangis didunia ini sekitar dini hari tanggal 27 sept 1992 :) tujuan hidupku unik untuk mendapatkan ke-"havefun"-an tapi masih dalam batas-batas ya.. saya have fun dengan passion saya , saya have fun dengan aturan yang ada, saya have-fun dengan segala sesuatu yang positif..suka sekalihh dengan kucing ! mempunyai keluarga yang unik yang membuat saya selalu tertawa saat berada di dekat mereka , oh ya saya suka sekalih dengan komik apalagi miiko the series paling update lah ! terus novel yang enak untuk dibaca dan dimimpiin ga harus best seller ya..oke deh sekian dulu ya cuap-cuap dari saya .oh ya bisa contact me at :
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